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Bespoke Gas Metering Sytem

Customer Issue

Stream Measurement were requested to assist a major multinational power plant producer to provide them with a gas metering system that would offer specific interface communications to their CHP control systems. 

Historically the customer had been using Thermal Mass meters from a different supplier to monitor their gas consumption, but these flowmeters had proved to be very temperamental – producing unreliable and inaccurate measurements.


The customer required a purpose designed system where the meter could measure the volume of gas consumed, corrected to normal conditions.

As the system was to be installed within a hazardous environment given its close proximity to the gas supply, the system needed to be equipped with the necessary electrical barriers to protect the power supply and communications modules. 

To achieve this Nigel Bradbury, Stream’s Technical Manager, designed a bespoke panel for the customer to accommodate the modules required to connect all of the elements together.


The system utilises an Itron MZ gas meter with high resolution output, coupled to an Itron Gas Volume Corrector and is supplied with Stream’s customer bespoke panel which is manufactured in our facilities – providing the customer with a complete turnkey solution.

Delighted with the system, the customer has now adopted the Stream Metering System as their site standard for use with their CHP systems and have installed the system with customers around the world.